Jan 5, 2009

Sharing a Movie and What's to Come

Last night as a family, we watched the movie Wall-E. The movie was cute, but I could not truly focus on the content because my mind started drifted back to many years ago. Actually about 18 years ago. Skip and I have always been big movie buffs, so it is no surprise that our kids are too. In fact our first official date was here about 18 years ago. We were seeing a pretty lame movie, but it doesn't look like we cared much. You may be thinking we look pretty cozy for a first date, but know that we had been like best friends for about 6 years at the time.

Last night I started to think back to those days when we were dating. We were so in love, it was sickening. To some today, it still is-Sorry! The thing I remember most in those courting days and even in our first couple of years of marriage was how much we talked about our future after watching movies. I guess seeing happy endings often made us think ahead to our own lives. There was no ministry talk that ever touched our lips, no financial struggles crossed our minds. We didn't worry about how we would save for our retirement years or handle the losses of our grandparents or dealing with a very sick child or hip replacements. The questions we did ask each other were things like, "How many kids do you think we'll have?" "Who do you think they will look like?" "Do you think they will be musical." "Will we be good parents?" "Will we always be this in love when we are in our 40's, 50's and so on?"

Last night, as I sat in the middle of my big family of 5 on one couch, I could not help but become overwhelmed with joy. Knowing that after all this time of watching movies together, our questions were really prayers. Prayers that are now answered. If I'm not careful through all the mess and stress of life, I could easily forget how blessed I am by my family alone. Sure the other stuff like ministry, friends and life's ups and downs make things more interesting, but my relationship with my husband and family are my greatest accomplishment in life.

Last night, I tried to enjoy the moment. I didn't want my mind wander to questions like, "How long will the kids still want to sit with us and enjoy movies?" "Will each of my kids find a special person to love as Skip and I have found?" and "How many years will Skip and I have to spend the rest of our lives together?" Those questions have already been spoken deep in my heart as prayers. Prayers that God is in control of. I have to trust that whatever comes along, He is there and that no matter what, my happy ending is coming in Heaven.


Elaine said...

Aww Susie, I love this post and I love that picture, you all look so cute. Those kind of questions are all too familiar...kinda funny.

Penless Thoughts said...

From one who knows....after 50 years of marriage.....YES, you can still be that much in love (in fact MORE) and even if that marraige is severely tested. It's all about keeping the Lord first and the other will be as it should.

DA Wagners said...

What a special moment! Daniel and my first date was the movie, Cool Runnings, and then Taco Bell. Daniel was 17 and I was 16. I couldn't have even fathomed my life now. I have been so blessed! Thank you for sharing your reflection! I'll have post some pics of Daniel and me as teens on my blog!

Lyndy said...

What a sweet post. It is wonderful to know that people can actually fall in love and stay in love.

You and your family are a blessing.

Happy New Year.


Susie said...

Thank you girls for letting me be sappy, as usual.

Susanne said...

Lovely post Susie!

Barb said...

Nothing wrong with being sappy, Susie. The nicest thing about the photo of you two when you first realized you were more than friends is that in every recent photo I've seen of you two, you both still look just that happy and excited. What a testimony to marriage, family and getting it right!