Jan 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth!

Today my baby, Annie Beth, is nine yrs old. It is so easy to remember how long we've lived in Corpus because I just have to remember that we got pregnant with Annie the month we moved here over 9 and a half years ago.

We call her "Beth" around here because her middle name is Elizabeth. I forget sometimes when I'm out in public and people wonder who I'm talking to by that name. Skip has an assortment of other names for her like cupcake, tatertot(when she's being good), tatertoot(when she's not), Bether, princess and of course, baby(she is SO the baby of this family).

There are so many things I love about this girl. The first is the fact that she is my husband's twin in a girl form. How can I get mad at her when she looks like my sweet man? She is so tender at heart, yet she could take any one of my other kids DOWN if they cross her or ever make fun of her. "You don't mess with Annie" is one of our sayings, unless you are prepared for some bodily harm. She is all muscle with beautiful olive skin. She has a tan right now as I speak in the middle of winter.

Annie is extremely artistic, loves to bake (almost at an obsession level), does well at school, can groove like no body's business and blows me away at her innocence about life. She loves Jesus and never hesitates to ask for prayer for herself or others. I love this little girl so much and I'm so proud to be her mommy.

I still haven't found her gift yet. She either wants a new Barbie house (hers is probably 10 years old and in very bad shape), or she wants a drum kit. Pretty much complete opposites. What is so cute is that I know the only reason she wants a drum kit is because her brother told her that she could play in his band if she learns the drums. She CAN keep a good beat, so who knows what the future will hold for this little princess of mine.


Susan said...

Happy birthday to your sweet daughter. She is adorable.

Debbie said...

Please tell her I said Happy Birthday and that I love her so much! Steph said she would put her and Seth's cards in the mail today.

DA Wagners said...

She is precious! Happy birthday!!! Good luck with those drums! P.S. Can't wait to have my girl (4 more weeks!!!)

Susanne said...

Happy Birthday to a lovely young girl! "Tatertot" and "Tatertoot" cracked me up! With that sweet face I'll bet Tatertoot doesn't get used too often. :v)