Apr 20, 2009

I Want to Move Some Mountains!

"I can almost see it

That dream I'm dreaming.

But there's a voice inside my head saying,

"You'll never reach it"

Okay, I know this may be cheesy starting this post with a Miley Cyrus song, but it fits. We all have our our own personal battles we deal with daily, some more than others it seems. I know most of my personal struggles are seriously not a big deal to most , but they are sitting there in front of me nonetheless. Sometimes I feel completely powerless to change them. Other days, I feel like I can accomplish anything. Today is one of those days. I am working on my finance goals and my weight goals, both of which are a constant struggle for me.

What mountain do you need moving today? Do you really believe you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you? I have to share this version of Phillipians 4:13 from the Amplified Bible "I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength to me, I am self -sufficient in Christ's sufficiency.]" I know it's a lot of words, but I need to let them soak in deep today. I hope you will too.

"Keep Moving, Keep Climbing

Keep the faith, baby

It's all about, it's all about the climb,

Keep the faith, keep your faith"


Susie said...

The picture is from my favorite place on earth-Estes Park, Colorado.

Susan said...

We sing a song "He can move the mountains....". YES, and only HE can and does.

Sue said...

What a great reminder that with our God the mountains in our life can be as flat ground!

I feel right now like there are hills in front of me instead of mountains, but all the same, God is powerful to give us the strength to tackle them no matter what size they are ;-)

Blessings to you!

Mommy of 2 and 2 said...

What a fabulous reminder..We CAN do ALL things with Christ...Thanks Susie!! I needed to hear that :) Miss you!!

DA Wagners said...

I'm working on weight goals and mama goals, and (exactly like you said) sometimes I feel victorious and other times I feel hopeless! I shall repeat Phillipians 4:13 until I feel victorious every day!!! You're awesome!

Robin said...

I've been struggling with something for a while now. It's been an issue since I was a kid and Satan know the exact right time to throw it in my face. Today I just asked God to keep fighting for me, because I was so tired of it. I'm not sure why I was surprised, but I could just feel Him take the reins..just like He's been waiting for me to realize I cannot do this on my own. Ugh. Ok, rambling. Talk to you soon. I called you tonight!

Tiffany said...

Girl, come here and you will get a fresh start. I will plently for you to hit, hammer, rip and pull. Give you a new outlook on love and get some much need best friend bonding done! I love that song as well. We will move mountains together!!

Julie Gillies said...

What a gorgeous picture, Susie. No wonder it's your favorite place on earth.

LOVED this post. Very inspiring. There's always a mountain (or two) that I need to move.


Chappyswife said...

I can see why you love that place. Wow.

This is such a good post, Susie, full of good reminders. So true.