Apr 26, 2009

Is Your Marriage In Trouble? Try a Little 70's Love Songs

Disclaimer: This is just a light hearted post, and in no way meant to minimize any trouble you may be having in your marriage.

All around us in society we see marriages falling apart, our non-believing friends, as well as our Christian brothers and sisters. The reasons range from struggles with the economy, expectations not being met, infidelity and so on. This morning it hit me that when you or your spouse is in a heated argument, turn on some old 70's love songs, and see what happens. Grab a karaoke machine or just turn on Itunes and sing along.

I happen to hear Elton John's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" this morning and was singing along with my son and youngest daughter. They know the song from Ella Enchanted. Love the music in that movie by the way. Suddenly the thought occurred to me, one of the reasons I believe that Skip and I have stayed together for almost 17 years (besides the obvious love for Christ and to honor him with our marriage) is that we have fun together. You might be surprised but we don't have a scheduled date night every week, we don't have to take expensive vacations alone each year(not that we wouldn't love to) and we don't feel the need to read every new marriage book on the market. Our biggest secret is definitely laughing together.

So if you see your marriage start to go on a downward slide, become a little drab, feeling your needs unmet from time to time, give my little idea a try. Turn on your youtube, sit side by side and soak up a little nostalgia and laugh your head off. The clothes and the style of music are too funny. Here are a few of my 70's love song suggestions:

Al Green- "Let's Stay Together"

Queen- "You're My Best Friend"

Andy Gibb- "I Just Want to be Your Everything" (our personal favorite)

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta- "Your the One That I Want"

Starland Vocal Band -"Afternoon Delight" or this version (I couldn't resist)

Now, if you really want a good laugh, and your an 80's girl like myself, throw on almost anything 80's and you will get the same effect. You might even find yourselves remembering those old days you first found that twinkle in your spouse's eye during a Duran Duran song like "Save A Prayer". HeeHee

Honestly friends, if you are truly struggling in your marriage there is nothing that will help except the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let him come in your life and heal what needs healing, find a good Christian counselor, and don't give up the fight. Let others around you in to help if possible. Share your burdens with those who care about your spiritual and emotional well being and not just saying what you want to hear. Michael and Amy Smalley have an excellent website full of resoures at your disposal. Go check it out here. And don't forget to LAUGH!


Sue said...

Laughter. That's one of the best things about marrying your best friend! You always find things to laugh about even when life isn't all that funny. Great post!

I do have to agree with the Andy Gibb shout out! I had a mad crush on him in my youth... right down to the poster I'd kiss goodnight before bed... until I kissed his lips off - lol (I can't believe I'm telling you that - hee hee)

God bless you & your hubby as you keep laughing ... and singing Oldies but Goodies!


Tiffany said...

I have to tell you something funny. With us having this intercom thing in our house that is a radio. Jeff and I have it on a station that plays 70 and 80's music. The stuff we listened to in highschool in your room . We have it on all the time and Jeff is singing and dancing. OH my talk about embarrasing the kids. But I do have to say it brings some everloving, grovvy, loving feelings on us as a couple. Good post. Keep the music flowing!

Chappyswife said...

This is funny, Susie! These songs do take me back to a more carefree time and instantly lift the mood.

There's nothing like laughing together.