May 1, 2009

My Sweet "Esther" Friends

We concluded our last Esther Bible study group this Thursday with a very first for me as a bible study leader. The same six that started are the same six that finished strong. It was a small group, but it was an amazing group. I am so proud to be called their friend. God put together a group that faced some private huge obstacles and prayer needs like I've never encountered before, but God brought each of us through victoriously.

We laughed, we cried, we prayed, and we got to know our beautiful Saviour even more. Every week the ladies seem to outdo each other with our brunch items. I blame all my weight I am trying to work off on their yummy treats. Here is Debbie and my "English" friend Heide. I could listen to her accent forever. They became bestest friends during this study. It makes my heart melt with joy.

Here is my girl Michelle and our youngest member Theresa. Talk about some hearts of gold. Theresa's sweet man is coming home from Bahrain this next week. We all tried to shower her with love to fill in the gaps from her husband being gone for months. Have fun Theresa and we wish you the best on your next season of life. Wish you were stationed here next.

Really and truly we are all waiting for our King who is coming for us. I gave each of the girls a crown and scepter to remember our study of Queen Esther. If this picture looks weird with me in front, it is because Skip had to photoshop me in since I took the picture of us. My man is good for anything media/techie.

My sweet girls blessed me with a beautiful card, picture frame and candle. As much as I want to burn that candle, I'll try to save it for our fall study. If truth be told, I don't think I'll make it another day. I needed a new candle in the worst way.

I love these precious "trust God" gift bags I found at the dollar store this week to fill with a few goodies for my girls. One of the main things God taught me during the study of Esther is that even though He wasn't on the written pages of Esther, He was ALL IN IT! I need to trust God that even when I can't feel Him or see how He is working something out in my life...He knows, sees and is at work for my good. He is for your good too!


Sue said...

What a fun conclusion to what must have been a great study! I love the photoshopped pic ;-) I've done that before for my sister - her oldest (son) was absent from a photo we took of them so I found another pic of him alone and photoshopped him into it - ha ha

God bless you for leading these women closer to the Prince!


Susan said...

I love the way God puts together just the right people He has in mind for a particular Bible Study group. They are such times of Spiritual growth so far beyond just the current study. You are all blessed.

DA Wagners said...

Great pictures! You look wonderful. God is so good. I'm glad you had a beautiful time learning about Him more!

Linda said...

It was a great study, wasn't it Susie?
My small group has been together for several years now. We've been through a lot together too, and the Lord has knit our hearts together in a very special way.
You did a great job of leading; it looks like a very blessed group of ladies.

Sandy said...

Hi Susie!

Looks like an awesome group of ladies! Beautiful!