Sep 3, 2009

It Starts With a Plan

I am the kind of person if I don't have a plan or goal, I will pretty much run around aimlessly for quite some time and feel completely useless and unmotivated. That was pretty much my summer this year. It wasn't that it was a bad summer, I just didn't get much accomplished. Why? I had no plan.

Since school is back in session (Hallelujah praises!) I now have somewhat of a plan for myself. I'm still not quite in a routine, but I am moving forward in a couple of areas. For one, I am devoting the next several months to getting healthier. I am on day 11 of exercising (most days, not all) and eating about 75% fruit and veggies. It hasn't been great results, but the true observer (my husband Skip) can tell a difference. I have to remember that it took many years to put on the extra 35 lbs lingering on my hips and waistline, so it will probably take many months to remove them.

My second goal I am working on is letting go of things I cannot change. This is probably the hardest area for the middle child in me. I always want peace and I always want situations around me to work out. For some reason or another, I often find myself on the receiving line of people's problems. I take it as an honor that people confide in me, but when so many are hurting and wanting to share, I get very overwhelmed. When the problems turn into crisis, I really take it personal. I often think things like, "Am I really making a difference?" "Maybe I'm not qualified to counsel?" "If someone chooses to follow a different solution that God's Word, it is somehow a reflection of me." I know these are all lies that satan wants me to believe, but I tend to agree most of the time.

God really spoke to me at a recent Beth Moore simulcast when she said, "People are going to do what they want." That simple 8 word sentence stopped me in my tracks. I do not have control! Wow, how freeing is that! I'm not sure why I needed Beth Moore to tell me that, but it helped. I can pray for my family and friends, I can point them to scripture and the instructions God has for their struggles and issues, but ultimately "People are going to do what they want." I never want people to shy away from bringing me their burden hearts, but when they do, I must remember that 8 word sentence. Then I also must give it to God, and leave it at His feet.

I will have a true test of living out my 2nd goal as I begin leading Beth Moore's "Living Beyond Yourself" at our church this fall (actually in 3 weeks!). I decided to give up the comfy home setting of my living room and reach out to the women in my church. This will allow childcare for mom's of young children which I'm hoping will make the commitment to join the study. My prayer is that God will bring exactly the women who need this, and that all of us will find a connection through the study of the Fruits of the Spirit(the topic of study).

I know I have only shared 2 goals, but for me this is going to be huge to accomplish. What are your top goals for the fall? I'd love for you to share your heart so I can be praying for great things in your life too.


She Glows for God said...

My goal is to be successfully homeschool Jillian in a way that will fit her style of learning.
To be the best Womens ministry director at our church and make sure that all feel welcomed and loved.

Exercise? Tone, and tighten.
Great goals and I know you will accomplish them all.

Elaine said...

My goals are to be a committed runner, committed to the Momees lifegroup here at our church, to help my oldest to succeed in his reading, to be more involved with the lovely ladies here at church, sooo sooo sweet, so genuine :), to become financially wise (Dave Ramsey), and to pursue one of my long-term dreams (my selfish-secret..wink wink) :) & to support the hubby in his new adventures. Wow this is so much, but I have a new take on this life that God has given me. Please pray for me.

Love ya Susie,
eLaiNe :)

Sue said...

Susie, you are the second blog buddy to mention Beth's simulcast today. It must have been an excellent day with Beth for sure!

My goals for this Fall... hmm... haven't really thought about them yet but off the cuff, get my eating/weight back under control is one for sure... finish my writing course (Nov)... pray about going back to work (part time or temp)... just a few I guess. ;-)

I hope your bible study at church goes really well & God brings the perfect group of women for you!

Debbie said...

Great goals Susie! Just a few of mine are to lose 20 lbs. by eating less and exercising. So far, so good. The second one is to get back into God's Word. I've been so wrapped up in "woe is me" that I've let my life pass me by. I need to make the best of my situation and quit complaining about it.

God willing I will meet my goals. I know you can too!