Oct 14, 2009

Having One of Those Days, The Good Kind

I started my day with God. Turned off the distractions (in my case Facebook, radio, tv and phone) and got down to some serious QUIET time. It was the second time this week I was able to have an extended time of study. Thirty minutes into it today, I felt what I had been longing for...a REAL word from God. Who knows how we get these blessed moments out of the blue. It has been way too long since I've had one, but when I do, there is no mistaking them. I've been in God's word consistently for many years, but it is often rushed, thrown together, and half hearted a lot of the time.

Today was similar to many other days, only I really let God direct every step of my studying. If I felt I needed to stop and praise, I did. If I felt I needed to stop and confess, I did. If I felt I needed to stop and encourage someone, I did. Have you every done this? I rarely take the time, but oh was it worth it! God literally started revealing things to me that I have been praying about, and He had specific instructions for me to begin working on. It totally freaks me out a bit, but I am confident that it was guided by the Holy Spirit from start to finish. I am so excited, not so much for the outcome of all the things that God is going to accomplish and let me be a part of, but that His love for me was so REAL and apparent today. Hey, and guess what? He loves you just as much as me, and wants you to have this same special relationship with Him. So what are you waiting for? Seek Him and spend time with Him today.

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Sue said...

I need to spend some quality time like that with Him more often... in fact, I think I'll head offline now as you've inspired me to do! He & I need a little time before I hit the hay!

Thanks Susie! God bless you :-)