Dec 30, 2009

The Best Year Ever!

As I sit at my computer and reflect on 2009, the first word that comes to my mind to wrap up the year I've just had is BLESSED. I don't know why God has given our family such a season of peace, but He has. Just two years ago, I didn't feel that way at all, but having a year like 2009 reminds me that God is faithful and willing to do a new thing, and a good thing when we put our trust in Him. I know that this new year could be totally different, and I will have this wonderful year to look back and say, "See, this season is just a season. Things will turn around as they did in 2009." When we choose to look at who God is, and not our circumstances, there is hope and there is peace.

I laugh as I look back over my 2009 resolutions I made. I didn't get the weight thing down, and I certainly didn't start back to a regular exercise routine. If truth be told, I only did 2 out of the 6 which were doing the Esther study in my home, and the encouraging women thing. However, the spiritual things made the cut, and for that I am so grateful. Isn't it the eternal things that matter most? Yes, I do believe so.

For this year, I am going to continue with the things that matter most. These aren't always the easiest things to do, but they will reap some major peace in my home and in the lives of those I love. Are you up for the challenge?

*Make Jesus even more famous! I want to share what He has done, is doing and what He can do in my life and in the lives of everyone I encounter.

*Love and encourage my husband. Fill his love tank, and give him the best of me and not the leftovers.

*Remind my children who they are in Christ and help them to be all God has for them.

*Use Facebook, Twitter and my blog to share Christ's love with others. (Okay, this is a little fun thing for me, but why not)

*Invest in relationships that matter, let things go that rob my joy, and be the best Susie I can be!


Susan said...

Sounds grand to me. I finally got on Facebook, too!!

Linda said...

I am so glad the Father has given you this wonderful season Susie. He is so wise and loving.
I think each of your goals so worthy. You are a continual blessing.

Tanya Lively said...

What an inspiration you are Susie. We don't even know each other very well, but I admire your grip on the big picture. You have it completely right about not being robbed and burdened by things that don't matter. I hope your family has a beautiful and blessed 2010.

Peace & Grace!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders Copyright © 2009 said...

Amen! Susie...great blog of who are focus MUST be matter the season of our life! We can see the resolutions be transformed to show forth the strength we find in Him because of our relationship we get to have in Him. That joy is on the inside of us...sometimes we can't see it or feel it when we need to see it the most...we must 'stir ourselves up' as He has equipped us! Love your blog as it reveals a glimpse of our awesome God!

Faith Imagined said...

Love your list Susie! I am making those my goals too!!!

Elaine said...

Amen Susie, making Jesus hit the nail on the head for me....that is on the top of my list! Love ya girl :)