Mar 2, 2010

This Is Jack

As you can see above, our family has a new addition. He is our miniature polar bear that absolutely melts my heart, but also drives me crazy too. He isn't actually a real polar bear, but instead a border collie/Aussie mix. We are deep in the trenches of house breaking and teaching him not chew everything in sight. I haven't slept much, but it is worth it to see the joy he brings to my children each day. Okay, if truth be known, he brings his mama many smiles too... EXCEPT when he is chewing my shoes and nipping at my heels for fun. Hopefully I'll have something more profound to say in the coming posts, but for now my life is all about Jack.


Anonymous said...

Jack is cute but you look FABULOUS!!!


Robin said...

He is adorable but doesn't exactly look small for a puppy!