Jan 13, 2011

This Is Not Goodbye

Aren't surprises the best?!!! This was by far by biggest and best surprise and believe me, this girl has had a lot in my 40 plus years of living. It was a surprise Bday/Going Away party for me and I had no clue what these girls were up to when I walked into Olive Garden. It was a night of extreme laughter, encouraging and precious affirmations, beautiful and thoughtful gifts, and many tears. You see, this is my spiritual family. And... I have to leave them for now. And what is so weird, is that in the last couple of weeks we have found that two more of our sisters will be moving soon. It is crazy that everyone at this table has known each other for less than a year and a half, yet these are some of the closest bonds I have ever witnessed. That not only gives me hope for the future relationships God has for us, but it should give hope to you if you are having to make a move too.

It all started with Zumba. Yes, Zumba! God used a Zumba studio to gather a group of women, but then he used His Word to connect our hearts and glue us together. These types of beautiful friendships are rare and I would never presume to think otherwise. I know these girls! I know their fears, their struggles, their children, their dreams, and most of all their God! I have loved every drama free part of our relationships. I say drama free because no matter what drama occurred around each of our lives, there was NEVER any real drama in the love and friendship we shared. We all love each other strongly and purely. It can be done friends! You can make that happen!

So to you sweet, precious friends of mine... this is NOT goodbye, but see you later...


Crissy said...

Friends are definitely a gift from God!

Faith Imagined said...

I love how God can use the craziest things to bring us together, but - like you said- He is the one that binds us forever!

I will pray for your new journey. Keep us posted via Facebook and Blogger!