Jun 15, 2013

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since my last post...Wow!   So much has changed in my world, but I'm grateful and content with life.  For one, I am back to teaching full time as of last fall.  I love the school and the kids so much!  I now have a sophomore in college, a junior in high school and an eighth grader.  I am seriously getting old!

May brought a new nephew into my life.  My brother and his wife gave birth to precious, Spencer and their hearts are forever changed.  Ours are too!  Ashley, my oldest, received a special scholarship at the junior college she is attending.  She will soon be on billboards all over town and I could not be prouder!  Our son Seth is driving us around as he prepares to get his driver's license in July, and Annie excelled like crazy in track, art and academics this year. 

Our church, Renegade, has now grown to about 220 people on a given Sunday and we are expanding at our current location.  God has truly blessed us here in Victoria, and I'm so thankful.  I have made some awesome new friends here through work and a couple of cherished ones at church, too.  I know friendships take time, and I'm trusting God that he has my back in this area as he always has in the past. 

Very little plans for my summer, but enjoying the rest and relaxation.  I'll be teaching two 4 day summer school classes at the end of June and hopefully a couple of short trips with the family in July.  August will be here before I know it, and life will get crazy again.  Hope all of you out there are enjoying the sunshine and finding joy in the little things.  I'm sure doing my best!  Loves and hugs to all reading!

Recent picture of my kids and two of my great-nephews


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Susan said...

Good to hear from you!!! Thanks for the update.