Sep 22, 2006

I Need a Little Advice

I will be hosting our neighborhood bunco next month and I need some advice from all you smart ladies out there. I know I could ask my friends, but you gals seem to have the best ideas and you are like my friends too. Okay, first of all, I am unsure of what to serve for dinner. We only have to host once a year, so the host typically serves dinner. I want to do a fall theme, but not go overboard on price or time involved. The last hostess served chicken salad sandwiches, veggies and dip, and a side dish. I want to be a little more themed and creative. Not to mention, I want to make an out of this world dessert. Second, I need to know what I should do about beverages. I do not drink alcohol, and this bunch definitely does. I have no problem with their decision at all, but I would prefer not offering drinks, or having it flow freely as it does at the other get togethers. I am thinking about writing on the invitation something about bringing your own beverage, however, my husband doesn't think I should say anything. He says just offer coffee, teas, cider, soft drinks and water. If they bring their own, that's fine. I am probably making too much of this, but I want them to feel welcome in my home. I also want them to see something different in me and the way I live my life. These ladies are so special to me, and most of them are not Christian. Now, don't let me down. Bring on the advice!


Padre Reeds said...

Inexpensive meats that look good and taste good on grills include the cheapest marbled up pork chops (after marinating overnight in tupperware full of teriyaki and tenderizer), chicken parts, and sausage. Slap a bunch of fruits and veggies on the top grill rack to heat/steam/smoke during the cooking.

Big bowls of several types of salsa and chips are always good too.

Drinks: I'm with Skip, if kids are with babysitters and you presume people will bring alcohol.

Leslie Fiscus said...

Hey Susie! We have a themed Connect bunco every month. We have done Pajama party, Toga, luau, and St. Patty's day. I think we are doing 80's night next. we will play 80's music all night. you need no Decorations, the people make it all fun!My sister hosted for her group and they did Breast Cancer awareness bunco. They all had to wear bras on the outside of their shirts and the cake was a big breast. All winnings that month were donated. Too fun! As for drinks....I would just leave it alone and if they want to bring their own, that would be fine. As for a dessert......My sister makes a punch bowl dessert with oreos, caramel,butterfinger, chocolate pudding, whipped cream,and I don't know what else. If you want the recipe...let me know. Fun for you. I didn't know you were doing a neighborhood Bunco. That is Awesome! Hope you have a good time!

Tiffany said...

I would suggest serving an awesome Chicken taco soup. It is so yummy and a huge hit when I make it. Serve it with some guaq and chips and maybe some cornbread. As far as drinks, I would follow your hubby's advice and you serve what you want. These are smart ladies and if they want to bring there own wine or drink -- I'm postive that they would not think twice about you not serving drinks for your dinner. This is you house, your rules and they will respect that.
If you would like I will send you the recipe for this soup. It is really good and a little spicy!

Connie said...

For the dessert, how about something with pumpkin? A nice pumpkin cheesecake, or Pumpkin Ribbon Bread.

Sorry I'm not of more help, I've never played bunco before in my life. My former boss used to, she always had a great time.

Pamela said...

Susie, Sounds like fun, and I know that Michelle, over at Big Blueberry Eyes, posted about playing Bunco with a group of their friends.

I love Mexican Fiesta Night,...Let them make their own ~ taco bar, fajata bar, and then maybe rice and beans, or Nachos and Salsa dip. Tiki torches outside for atmosphere when they arrive or if it is still warm enough where you might mingle outside.

My hubby and I made a personal decision not to drink alcohol either. We felt once we started a family, the two just didn't mesh. You sound very open to having them drink in your home, but I am sure they'd be just as happy to drink a wonderful sherbert fruit punch, or coffee with cinnamon pumkin cream, iced tea or soda. Never the less...Have a blast and Let us know what you end up doing,and by all means have a great Bunco party!!!

Barb said...

I play bunko out here too. First of all, the drinks thing. I agree with your husband. You have to be you. You don't drink and you don't serve alcohol in your home. I wouldn't say anything about it at all on the invitation. I'm sure they've noticed you don't drink. Some of them will probably bring their own. I wouldn't say anything about that either. The best example you can set for them is that you don't drink but you also don't judge those who do.

Food? Seasonal? I've had this at bunko parties before and it was a hit. I'd make a big pot of chili and set out bowls of special toppings. My favorites are shredded Cheddar, chopped scallions, black olives. Kind of the same toppings you'd have with Mexican food. And I'd think anything with apples in it for dessert would be nice this time of year. Apple crisp is easy.

I always make sure I have bottled water, iced tea, coffee and diet pop available when bunko's at my house.

How's that? :-)

tammi said...

hey susie
Sounds like so much fun! I've never played bunco, but know many people who have and they always have such a great time. A patient's daughter always 'caters out' when she has it at her house. $$$$$
Everyone has already posted such good ideas, I'm getting hungry already!
The chili sounds like fun and is very seasonal.
Have you ever done the pumpkin-bowl thing? It's so 'autumny', you take medium/little pumpkins and hollow them out really well, then pour the soup/chili directly into it. It presents well, and the best part is, no dishes to wash!
Also, you know fondues are really cool right now. You could do something with that as a side dish, like with chesse and a really good bread. That would be pretty inexpensive. I have a nice stainless steel one, with a lot of skewers, if you're interested.
I don't know about you, but I want Leslie's desert recipe!
I know whatever you do will be a hit, you're always a great hostess.

Anonymous said...

I'm wth Barb on the chili..and toppings....I have a great iced tea recipe..called House of Grace Tea...non alcholic.....and very me at very nice for things like this. Also for a snack put candy corn and peanuts together it will taste like a Payday candy bar....they can snack on this while they play...its a big hit. For dessert I'm thinking you go buy a New York Style Cheesecake at Sams and pour carmel sauce on it.....yummy..then you dont have to worry with making dessert. I hope I helped you out....

Pamela said...

Wow Susie, you have gotten so many good idea's! Just dropped back by to say "tag" your it! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! :)

Chappyswife said...

Our church ladies used to play bunco and give away prizes with just snacks and desserts, everyone brought one with drinks already provided by the hostess. It was really fun.

I wouldn't sweat the drink thing - wouldn't mention it. Just serve what you like and have a great time.

Anonymous said...

I agreee with DH about the drinks thing. And I understand.

Might I suggest a baked potato bar? It's easy to set up and potatoes can go in the oven an hour before anyone gets there. As far as the dessert goes, I have a recipe for Paula Deen's Not Yo Mama's bannana pudding that is amazing. Happy to share if you want it. It is kind of expensive to make though.