Sep 24, 2006

Word Meaning Meme

I was just tagged by Pamela at Just the Two of Us for this word meaning meme. I am so glad she passed this on because I am so bored waiting for Skip to come home from church. I went to church last night and so far today has been pretty blah. It's raining, the kids are each doing their own thing, and I am about to start my 4th load of laundry. Okay, here goes the words Pamela sent and what they mean to me.

Heart- I want a Heart like His (meaning I want to be more like Christ). This is not an easy task since I am about as human as they come. My heart does not open up for many to see, but I am so happy that God does see it, and He loves me anyway.

Trail-I think of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. We go every summer to Estes Park and on a few occasions we have been too early and the road has been closed . The picture above was taken on Trail Ridge Road in June of this year.

Grandparent-I am so thankful to have 2 of my grandparents still with us. My Nonnie and Poppie are the most precious couple you could ever meet. They are in their early 90's and still going around town and visiting with people like they did when I was a child. I love my Poppie who always speaks Italian to my girls in the most beautiful way. I love my Nonnie who has the sweetest personality, has an amazing green thumb,and her home is filled with beautiful memories of their life together. They have never been wealthy as society judges, but they are rich in faith and love.

Bear-This is the name of my sister's golden retriever puppy. Well, I guess at 9 months old it is still a puppy. When this little yellow puppy was born, he looked and cuddled like a teddy bear, hence the name-Bear.

Now comes the fun part. I am tagging some of my local bloggers(there isn't many that I know of here) to see if they will respond on their blogs. Okay Tiffany, Sunny, and Sunny's hubby, here are your words:





Have a good time giving your answers. And as always, anyone may join in and please do. Have a great week and God bless! P.S. Thanks to all of you who gave such great ideas for my bunco menu. I love them all, and will have fun choosing which to use. Please send the recipes. I want them all!


momrn2 said...

Fun meme! Great answers!

Pamela said...

Susie, I love all the answers to this meme, very nice! Love your heart's ambition. The picture of your family at Rocky Mt. Nat'l Park is so cute, and seeing the snow is a treat. Wonderful that your grandparents are still going strong in their 90's! Wow! :)

SunJane said...

Okay I did it. That was fun Susie. I really liked your Grandparents answer. Aren't they a blessing!

Larae said...

I love all of your answers. I had an Italian grandfather as well, and when I was little I loved it when he talked to me in Italian. I love the fact they're both 90 and seem to be so full of love still, that's very sweet.

Your answer for heart is perfect + I relate to it very much. =)

Chappyswife said...

This picture is amazing to me. First of all, great picture of your family! But snow in June? with flip flops and capris and shorts? That's just a different world than what we live in. We were absolutely about to melt away in June!

Your Poppie speaking in Italian to your girls~ that has got to be magical!