Aug 25, 2008

Ready or Not, School Has Begun!!!

My babies are gone. After spending exactly 1 year and 3 months EVERYDAY with this three hooligans, I really thought today I would be dancing around the house and shouting the words to the Pointer Sisters' song "I'm So Excited". Instead I miss them already. No one to say "I'm hungry." "She won't get out of my room", or "He won't leave me alone." Instead it is quiet except for me, the computer and Regis and Kelly. Okay, you know my weakness, I'm a sucker for the morning talk show. Skip and I even met them 3 years ago when we went to New York and watched a taping of the show.

Anyway, I really am SO EXCITED that my kids are not only back in school, but in the best schools in Corpus. We will probably never go on another vacation, get a new car, or have the weekly manicure and pedicure, but I am confident that my kids are in loving hands. The schools are excellent and I know God led us to each one through prayer and guidance. I would have never thought things would have turned out this way a year ago, but when I saw the faces of previous teachers and staff who love me and my family today, I just about lost it because of God's goodness and faithfulness. Even through all the questions old friends have and the wonder of why we are back after leaving last year with such big hopes and dreams, God did not leave me alone. He brought us back better and stronger than ever. Maybe not on the outside, maybe not finacially, but definitely spiritually. God is our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in trouble(Psalm 46:1). If all we had to go through was just to bring us to utter reliance on Him, I am thankful for it all.

Hope all of you are having great first days! Please pray that Ashley, Seth and Annie have a safe first week, make a ton of friends, and that they glorify God in all they do.



Chappyswife said...

Praying they have the best school year ever! They look so spiffy for their first day. :0) Did I just say "spiffy?!" Oh my, how old am I? lol

Julie Gillies said...

God is faithful, Susie. Enjoy your free time - maybe now you can work on some of those writing goals! (I'll try not to be jealous.)

We just began our 3rd week of our 13th year home schooling...not that I'm counting or anything. LOL

May the Lord bless, protect and grant favor to your little darlings, and give them all a good, safe school year.

P.S. How cool that you met Regis & Kelly - I really want to visit NYC!