Sep 22, 2008

Mondays With Matt and 5 Great Finds

This is my favorite picture of my nephew. He has such a great smile in this and reminds me of his personality most of the time. It was taken a couple of years ago, way before he got Hollywood skinny. I don't like Hollywood skinny on him, even though it makes for great photography and film shots.

I haven't heard from Matt much since he is too busy going to Teen Vogue parties (see here), doing important things like playing video games with other celebs (see here), and getting free game systems (please hook your cousins up with your leftovers!!!). Seriously, I am so excited for the chance of a lifetime he is living right now, and I don't expect anything. In fact, if I were on a full page of the new "Cutest Crushes" edition of PopStar Magazine, I might not call my aunt and check in either. He did however have a very brief phone text conversation with me. I'll let you in:

Me: Hey Nephew! Saw u stylin in ur pic at teen vogue! Very cool and u are officially on the girl's poster wall. Prayin 4 u! (impressed with my texting skills?)

Matt: haha thanks:) that outfit was soo comfortable:) uh oh the poster wall? tell them I am honored! and thanks (who knew Matt used all lower case and smileys?)

Me: Will do(:

* Don't forget HSM3 starts October 25th! Get your tickets early guys!

Changing the subject, I have to share my latest top 5 finds with you. I don't think it is good that 4 of them have to do with food. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these.

1. Paula Deen's Lemon Blossoms- Melt in your mouth goodness! Find the recipe here. Great for a shower or a brunch. Actually, they are great if you are trying to gain weight, which I'm not.

2. Pioneer Woman's French Bakery Puffs All I can say is, DELICIOUS!!! I am not such a great cook, but I do pretty well with baking. Okay, honestly I can't really bake that well, but these made me look like I could.

3. YouVersion This is amazing! Go check it out right now. I know I will use it a ton as I begin a new bible study. Thanks LifeChurch for coming up with it and for Robin letting me know about it. I'm assuming her high tech husband had something big to do with it.

4. Don't you love when you are walking through your grocery store and you find something new and fabulous looking. I found this yesterday, and I made them this morning. It's a twist on the cinnamon rolls I love by Pillsbury. Don't let the picture fool you. They are only about 5 inches long and definitely not as good as a Shipley's cinnamon twist. They are good though and easy to make.

5. Move over hazlenut! I have found a new love in the form of Internation Delight Belgian White Chocolate Macadamia. Oh yeah baby!

Do you have a new find you can share? It doesn't have to be food, but that's always a bonus.


Tiffany said...

My new find is homemade salsa that is to die for. Better then Laplaya! It is so easy to cut chop and blend.
Oh and TJMAX! Found the cutest jacket and pants and shoes and purses and the list goes on and on. Only walked out with the jacket and pants. Shopping therpy was needed today.

Susie said...

Waa Waa, I want a TJ Max too!

tammi said...

Well, I can tell you that your lemon muffins and pastry puffs were a bit hit; however, I did not personally get any. I wish someone would have saved some for me, but I'm not bitter or anything.

Robin said...

First of all, your post reminds me I forgot to get coffee today on the way home. Boo. I'll be sorry tomorrow.

Secondly, glad you like YouVersion. And Terry had everything to do with the invitations to my contacts going out at the very least. It is a very cool tool! I believe there is a iPhone app to go with it.

Hope you are doing fabulous!

Robin said...

PS Which Stephanie Meyer book is first? Think I'm ready to dig in!