Jan 31, 2009

My Little Man is 12 Today!

This is my middle child and basically, my twin. From the outward appearance he's all Terry (my dad's side of the family), but he got all the best parts from his daddy. I'm mainly speaking of his musical talent. A mama has to brag on her baby on his bday, so get ready.

He is an awesome musician! I know he has a lot of God given natural ability, but that's only the half of it. From the time he gets home from school until I come unplug his amp at bedtime, he is playing his guitar. Practice is so important, and he has that part down completely. He also has a keyboard in his room that gets about 30% of his time too. Now that Annie just received electric drums for her bday, he is already playing that at a level shocking both me and Skip.

This was Seth's Christmas present which he helped pay for and will continue to help us pay for over the next couple of months. It is his baby and he treats it better than his sisters. That's not okay, I'm just speaking the truth.

This is his first guitar. Not a great quality guitar, but he and his daddy spent an afternoon customizing the color. Doesn't he just look like a little rocker.

Seth plays in his Christian praise band at school and is fortunate enough to have two awesome godly young men mentoring him every week as his teachers. His entire tuition is worth those hour classes each day. I am so thankful!

Seth also has an incredible sense of humor, also like his daddy. Don't even get those two boys together on a roll. He can carry his own with most adults, that is if you can get him to talk. Many don't get to see that side of Seth because, unlike his Daddy, he is VERY shy if he doesn't know you. He is getting better each year, and going to a smaller private school has really allowed him to blossom into his own.

There is so much more to say about this precious little boy that had the roughest of starts, but he would probably never want to speak to me again if I did. He also gets embarrassed very easily. Anyway, I am forever blessed to have this sweet little man in my life and am praying for him today and always.

Seth has already given his life to Christ, and I'm praying that he will always know that the Lord is there for him and will never leave his side. I'm praying he always knows that God is the one who gave him his gifts and talents, and using them for God's glory is the most important thing he can do. I also pray that Seth finds his value in Christ and not man's approval. He needs to get that at an early age. Lastly, I pray Seth continues to have good health and a life that produces much fruit. Happy Bday Bub!


Susan said...

Happy birthday to your Seth.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to Seth. I know you are one proud mama. You've done girl!!!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your special boy!! How wonderful that he has such a gift. Your prayer for him is precious Susie.

Julie Gillies said...

Wow, Susie, you're in Birthday Mode over at your house. Seth sounds like a precious young man. And a cool guitar dude, of course. ;)

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday, Seth!

Carolina Mama said...

Your son is darling. Happy Birthday!! Love his guitars. How sweet. God Bless!

Kathleen Marie said...

What a precious tribute and I can so relate... My "baby" is 17 and when I look WAY UP at him, sometimes I get misty eyed... Enjoy every second! Hugs!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday to Seth AND to Annie! Your younger two and my older two are almost identical ages! My Seth and our daughter just turned 12 and 9 as well! And, hey, fun! Your word verification is "RECESS."