Feb 3, 2009

Tuesday Morning Catch Up

*I'm still reading Mark Batterson's "In the Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day". There is too much good stuff to rush through and perhaps miss something important. I especially love the part I read this morning-"There are only two ways to live your life: survival mode or prayer mode." He goes on to say, "Survival mode is simply reacting to the circumstances around you." He compares it to a pinball existence. "Prayer mode is the exact opposite. Your spiritual antenna is up and your radar is on." "Prayer puts you in a proactive posture. Prayer help us catch the opportunities God throws our way." Oh there is so much more-Go and get this book already!

*God is doing some amazing things at Real Life Fellowship. Every week we are seeing attendance soar and a number of people giving their hearts to Christ. I really have to keep from crying each week as I see all the new faces and lives being changed because of Christ alone. The men and women of this church are seeing something phenomenal happening. You know what, we were expecting great things and God is showing up and blowing us away! I knew it was coming for this faithful group of believers. My prayer is that your church also see such wonderful things!

*We signed our official lease yesterday to stay in our rent house 6 more months. My kids all gave a collective moan. To say that they were not pleased is a huge understatement. Skip went last night for a quick walk through of our home we will go back to in August last night and signed that lease. He said the house is in mint condition. Our renters have it looking better than we ever did. He said it smells way cleaner and looks way better than it has ever looked. Not sure if that way meant to insinuate that the tenant is a better housekeeper than me. Ha ha! I'm just glad God blessed us with some wonderful people. I've heard some real horror stories.

*My health status update. I've been on insulin resistance medication for a few weeks now, and not really seeing the pounds fall off. I have lost a few, Thank YOU GOD! I think it is because my body is not tolerating the pill itself very well. I get super naseous and have only made it up to 50% of my dosage. I am slowing getting there. The doc said when I am at 2 pills in the morning, 2 at night, is when it will start showing great results.

*Esther Study is starting Thursday. So excited about diving in with some new ladies. Have about 6 signed up so far, and one is bringing a friend. My home is pretty small so any more than 10 would be crowded.

*Kids are well from a stomach bug that wreaked havoc on our family last week. So far Skip and I have not been hit.

*Loving YouVersion daily bible readings. In Romans right now and finding so much practical wisdom for everyday living.

*So many great teachers and writers out there. So many books I need to order. These are on my wish list right now-Mad Church Disease, Wild Goose Chase and Killing Cockroaches. Can you tell I'm married to a pastor?

Looking Forward To
*bible study Thursday
*friends possibly coming in town this week
*having a clean home when I get my booty in gear
*church this weekend
*shopping for Ashley's formal dress this week
*losing weight
*shower for my niece in a couple of weeks
*Ashley's "Evening With Shakespeare" on Feb. 27th and 28th (her school's drama performance)

Are you finding joy in the simple things in life today? Love to hear what your looking forward to today!


Susan said...

Our church is really beginning to see The Holy Spirit move, too, and people being saved each week!!! What a joy and blessing. God is on the move in many places. Praise His name!!!

I guess somehow I missed the issue about your health and having to take pills for it.

Linda said...

I'm looking forward to a lot of those same things Susie - the losing weight and starting the Esther Bible study tomorrow in particular!

P.S. I'm telling everyone I'm still here because I haven't been showing up in bloglines for some reason. If I've already told you - I'm sorry to be a pest :-)

Tiffany said...

my simple joys, are looking out our window at the beach. Did not know that doing such a thing could be addicting. And having some great ladies ( older ladies) but extremly young at heart challange me to know more about God and what He has to say in the bible.

DA Wagners said...

I'm glad your renters are so awesome; I have my own horror story about renters. I pray that your Bible study goes beautifully and that your women come closer to God!