Feb 7, 2009

Do Your Homework Before Taking Your Kids to the Movie "Coraline"

I don't care if your best friend loved Coraline, or you heard a famous Christian artist talking about how visually wonderful it is, BEWARE.

I wasn't even going to bother with a review because this movie has so many elements I didn't like. There was the reading of tea leaves, the stripper size boob lady wearing pasties, and the ghosts of children lost in an evil world. Oh my goodness, it was bad...for kids. Oh but if you want stimulating visual art to look at, you will not be disappointed.

I had to hide my 9 year old's eyes a few times and she couldn't go to sleep last night. My 14 year old daughter words were, "That was so creepy and disturbing." Yes, I may shelter my kids way too much, but I certainly didn't last night and I deeply regret it. It just makes me mad I let Rotten Tomatoes decide for me that it was okay for my kids instead of this website. I would have known right away not to go see it.

A facebook friend called me out last night and asked, "Why didn't you just get up and leave?" I should have, and I guess the optimist in me kept thinking it would get better and have some redemptive qualities. It didn't and for that I will be wiser the next time I take my children to see a show that is a 3D family driven cartoon.

What's done is done, but I am going to do what I can to protect my friends from taking their small children. It is seriously not a young kid show. It doesn't have much redeeming qualities at all. I didn't like the way the young girl talked to her parents and especially didn't like the way her parents treated her. I have to stop now, or this will be the most negative blog post of my life.


Robin said...

We don't go see too many movies anyway, but my mother in law would be one to take them. I'll make sure she stays clear. Thanks!

Tiffany said...

That is just is awful. I'm sorry that movie was a flop. It looked pretty freaky from the previews.
I'm proud of you thought for voiceing your thoughts about it.

Susan said...

I'm glad you are warning others with children. In my opinion there are very few movies worth seeing any more.

Sandy Toes said...

I have not heard of this movie...but I sure do love your blog!
-sandy toe

Mayhem And Miracles said...

I love Plugged In Online and also Moviemom.com It sometimes gives more detailed information about EXACTLY which words are used, body parts exposed etc. But it is a secular site, so I like to combine the two. So sorry that happened. And I don't think you go too far in sheltering your kids. After all, we're supposed to be helping them learn how to shelter and guard their own hearts and minds once they are fully independent adults. The movies we watch that our kids can't should have to do with level of maturity only, since there's never a good age for the junk in so many of today's movies! I'll jump off my soapbox now.

Chappyswife said...

Good for you, Susie, for sticking with your beliefs. I appreciate this review and your opinion. I had never heard of this movie until you spoke about it.